This incredible Caterpillar D11 R/C model moving dirt will make you question what’s real

Updated Dec 29, 2014

No. 2 Video in 2014

Cat D11 1/6 model

The genius of this video is that when it starts out you’re thinking so what? It’s a D11 moving dirt. However, depending on what visual cue sets you off (the grass in the background in the first few minutes did it for us), you soon realize that you’re looking at a 1/6 scale remote control model of a D11. This monster took 18 months to build and weighs in excess of 570 pounds, according to the YouTube video’s About section.

The body and blade were fabricated from a 3mm steel plate while the track grousers and links were individually cast from alloy and then drilled and bolted together. Meanwhile, the drive sprockets and idlers were made by hand. The mini machine is powered by two 12 volt mobility scooter motors “driving through reduction motors to slow travel speed.” You can watch the video below.

(It’s quite a long video, so we recommend fast forwarding to about about 6 minutes in. From 6 to about 10 minutes gives you a pretty good idea just how intricate and detailed this model is.)