Chevy unveils 2016 Special Ops Silverado, a pickup whose paint scheme gives it a bit of combat cred (PHOTOS)

Updated Dec 29, 2015

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Perhaps of all the pickup OEMs at SEMA this year, Chevrolet had the strongest showing.

The Kid Rock-designed, smokestack-toting Silverado 3500 dually concept drew big crowds, as did the Realtree Bone Collector 1500, designed with Michael Waddell.

And for both military veterans and military wannabes, Chevy rolled out a Silverado Special Ops concept truck at the show. The Special Ops features the 2016 Sivlerado’s new muscular front end and adds LED lighting to the trims along with a boldly sculpted hood.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this truck was the blue, three tone camo paint scheme designers used. The color and pattern was based on a naval camouflage design developed more than 100 years ago to disguise ships.

For illuminating your “nighttime ops” the truck has high intensity, off-road LEDs on the support bar as well as embedded in the grill.

The Spec Ops Silverado runs on a 5.3 liter EcoTech engine with 355 horsepower. A company spokesman said if fans respond well, you might see the Spec Ops model in showrooms in the near future.