Trimble’s latest version of Earthworks Grade Control includes support for tiltrotators, drone terrain mapping

Updated May 30, 2019

Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform Version 1

American contractors who are just waking up to the capabilities of tiltrotators will be pleased to learn that Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform version 1.9 will give you fully automatic guidance for these attachments.

The program controls the boom and bucket of the excavator and the tilt angle of the attachment while the operator controls the stick of the excavator and the rotation of the tiltrotator.

“Tiltrotators are very useful excavator attachments, but they have a steep learning curve,” says Scott Crozier, general manager of Trimble’s civil engineering and construction division. “Fully automating the tiltrotator attachment makes it accessible to less experienced operators and can result in time savings for more experienced operators.”

In another upgrade to Earthworks Grade Control 1.9, the program now supports Trimble Universal Total Stations for motor graders to achieve millimeter level accuracy for fine grading.

Trimble’s Earthworks system has also added a functionality that allows you to fly a drone over a site and scan the terrain before you start working. You load the terrain map from the drone into the system and it will give you the design of the current cut/fill values so you can see where to put the material. The terrain mapping function is available for all three Earthworks machine types: dozers, graders and excavators.

In other news, Trimble’s WorksManager software is the next generation backbone of the Trimble Connected Site ecosystem for managing construction technology. This cloud-based system allows users to wirelessly transfer data such as 3D designs to the construction site without ever leaving the office. This enables supervisors and managers to be sure that the digital machines and assets on the site are using the correct design version.