Dec. 17 Webinar: How to Repair Concrete Pavements in Urban Areas
Tina Grady Barbaccia | December 15, 2009

The American Concrete Pavement Association will be offering the Webinar, “How to Repair Concrete Pavements in Urban Areas” on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 1 p.m. CT.

Guest instructor Dale Harrington, P.E., Snyder & Associates, will host the training session.

The webinar will cover full-depth repairs; partial-depth repairs; diamond grinding; slab stabilization and other types of repairs that can be used for highways, airfields; and lower volume streets and roads. It also will provide “how to” information on the repair methods listed above, tailored specifically to streets and roads applications.

A special focus will be utility cuts and repairs. The discussion will include methods for backfilling, selection of repair materials for rapid opening to traffic; and construction methods.

The presentation will last about 60 minutes, followed by questions.

For more information on the Webinar or to register, click here.

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