Equipment Roundup: Emissions, aftertreatment systems simplified; Fassi F345A, F345RA XE cranes; Cummins ZED Connect; AEM Digger Derrick Safety Manual

Updated Jul 12, 2017
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Fassi intros F345A, F345RA XE medium-duty knuckle boom cranes

Fassi has introduced two new XE knuckle boom cranes in its medium duty range.

The new F345A xe-dynamic and F345RA xe-dynamic cranes have a maximum lifting capacity of 33.4 tm with a maximum hydraulic horizontal outreach of 20.5 m, which can be increased to 26.7 m in a configuration with six telescopic booms combined with the L214 hydraulic extension.

The new models are in the HD1 HD5 S2 class when fitted on a truck and Fassi says both are perfect for fitting 3-axle vehicles. The company says the cranes combine ideal lifting performance with generous load capacity in the truck.

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New all-in-one exhaust emissions and aftertreatment systems simplify installation and maintenance

The move from Tier 3 to Tier 4 Final diesel engines above 74 horsepower brought with it a whole grab bag of new components and systems – diesel particulate filters (DPFs), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and, finally, selective catalytic reduction (SCR), which involves a diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dosing system and a DEF tank.

That’s a lot of hardware to hang on any engine block, not to mention all the sensors, fittings, brackets and weldments that go along with it. There is a trend underfoot now, however, that seeks to simplify this arrangement. We took a look at a handful of these devices at ConExpo.

A few years back, Cummins started talking about a single module arrangement that would put all the exhaust aftertreatment components into one streamlined device. Then last year at Bauma, the big construction equipment trade show in Germany, Cummins announced it would use the single module concept in its forthcoming Stage V diesel engines.

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Casella’s new Apex2 dust pumps constantly monitor silica exposure

In preparation for upcoming federal rules to reduce worksite silica dust, Casella has introduced its latest dust-sampling pumps to monitor worker exposure to the harmful airborne substance.

The pumps come in three models: Apex2, Apex2 Plus and Apex2 Pro. They are designed to monitor the amount of dust exposure facing individual workers on the job.

With the devices, workers can be monitored remotely with a Bluetooth connection to Casella’s Airwave software. The company says employers can view the status of the dust-sampling pumps from a smartphone, as well as start, stop and pause the pump. Employers also receive real-time status updates. The data can then be emailed along with photos and notes to aid the reporting process.

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Cummins unveils ZED Connect with launch of ELD smartphone app

Engine maker Cummins announced it has launched a new software company, ZED Connect, whose first offering is a smartphone-based electronic logging device that’s compliant with the USDOT’s looming ELD mandate.

The ZED smartphone ELD app is aimed at the small fleet and owner-operator segments. Dubbed a “plug and play” device, the ELD includes visual inspection reporting functionality, commercial routing and other features, in addition to its core functionality of tracking hours of service.

The company charges $200 for the Bluetooth-enabled hardware that connects to a truck’s ECM.

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AEM updates Digger Derrick Safety Manual

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has released an updated version of its Digger Derrick Safety Manual with new content.

Provided by manufacturer members of the association, the new content touches on safe equipment operation, start-up and shutdown, and maintenance precautions.

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