Video: From Rare Diecast Models to New Radar Bucket – 2023 Contractor of the Year Winner

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Shay Stutsman, owner and president of Stutsman Gerbaz Earthmoving, has spent his entire life in construction, operating equipment soon after he could walk.

Today, he leads an $11 million to $13 million company with 56 employees in the Aspen-Snowmass area of Colorado and is Equipment World’s 2023 Contractor of the Year.

In the video above, Shay discusses the company’s aggressive approach to new technology, including being the first in the U.S. to operate Rodradar’s excavator bucket with ground-penetrating radar. The company has also achieved efficiency and increased productivity with OilQuick’s hydraulic attachment-change system in which operators can quickly switch attachments from the cab. That has enabled the company to use fewer machines on jobs for significant savings.

Other technology the company has adopted: 3D machine control on most of its machines, including the first track loader equipped with it, and Trimble’s Platform as a Service (TPaaS).

Despite his quick adoption to new technology, Shay is passionate about construction equipment history. You’ll be amazed at his massive collection of rare diecast models.

So to learn more about Contractor of the Year Stutsman Gerbaz Earthmoving, its approach to technology, its goal of becoming a 100-year company and see some amazing diecast equipment models, check out the above video.

The company has been serving the Aspen-Snowmass community since 1960, performing residential and commercial foundation excavation, utility installation, pond and lake construction, demolition, road construction, among other services.

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