Scraper operator leans into this jam, but needs help from a dozer

Updated Sep 8, 2019

scraper stuck on the edge

This is my favorite type of equipment operation video. A situation taken completely out of context that elicits opposing and strong reactions from those watching and who have been there before.

In the video below, a scraper operator finds the back end of his machine slipping down an edge. The operator attempts to shimmy out of the jam, but ultimately decides to lean into the situation and bring the whole machine down the edge and to a rest at the bottom before a dozer comes along with a final push to get him out.

The operators in the YouTube comments are fairly divided over whether this was a sound strategy for the operator. Some say all of the wiggling put the machine at more risk of overturning. Others say leaning into the edge was the smart move. What do you think? Check out the video below.