Crane collapse during lift of concrete wall sends workers scrambling

Updated Feb 17, 2018

Austin Crane Collapse

Workers in Austin, Texas, last week were forced to run for their lives as a crane collapsed during the lift of a concrete wall.

Video of the incident, seen below, was first posted to Reddit. According to a report from KSAT TV, “nearly a dozen workers” were in the vicinity of the collapse, which occurred January 10. The station reports the crane collapsed when a wire snapped during the lift of the wall.

In the video, workers standing beneath the crane are sent scrambling as the crane falls. One of the workers, who was standing on the wall when it fell from the crane, had a particularly close call. When the collapse begins, he is thrown from the wall and must pick himself up and run away in time to avoid the falling crane.

The station reports that two workers suffered non life-threatening injuries and at least one was trapped beneath the crane but was freed.

Editor’s Note: Two versions of the video are below. The first, embedded from KSAT, includes sound. The second, from YouTube does not, but is provided in case the KSAT video doesn’t play on your device.