Watch this mini RC Liebherr excavator actually demo a pool with working shears, breaker (PHOTOS)

Updated Jun 5, 2015

We’ve seen tiny, remote control models of construction equipment move a fair share of dirt. We’ve even seen one machine of a larger variety dig an actual trench. But, honestly? Compared to what’s going on in the videos of below, that’s all child’s play.

Via monsterchannel24’s YouTube channel come three videos, each a few minutes long, detailing the progress of a mini RC Liebherr 960 as it does actual demo work on a swimming pool.

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Granted, it’s a tiny swimming pool, but seeing these mini machines use mini working shears and breakers to perform real demo work is pretty mesmerizing. It definitely illustrates the fun of operating equipment, no matter the scale.

And beyond all of that, the third video gives you a pretty good look at all the earthmoving going on around the pool, including more excavators and an articulated dump truck. Don’t miss the videos below.