Mercedes upgrades the beastly Unimog U4023, U5023 all-terrain work trucks with engine power take-off (PHOTOS)

Updated May 30, 2015

Its top speed and horsepower might not jump off the page, but the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is likely the most capable truck on the planet. And the company recently made its extreme all-terrain models even more capable with a new mid-engine design and engine power take-off feature.

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The new U4023 and U5023 are powered by a OM 934 BlueTec 6 engine pushing 231 hp and a huge 664 ft.-lbs. of torque. MB says the new engine reduces fuel consumption by 3 percent over previous models without impacting off-road performance.

Speaking of performance, while speed tops out at around 56 miles per hour, there aren’t many places you can’t reach in these trucks. The U4023 and U5023 can ford up to 4 feet of water and climb 45-degree slopes, not to mention traverse just about the rockiest terrain you can throw at them.

As you’re likely aware, Mercedes unfortunately doesn’t sell the Unimog in North America. It’s a shame beyond just the off-roading abilities, mainly because of all the attachments and and devices it supports.

You can strap blades, buckets, mowers, cranes, even aerial lifts onto these things, making them a perfect fit for many construction and highway applications. And thanks to the new models’ engine power take-off feature, they can be powered by the engine independently of the vehicle being driven.