Hyundai Launches its First Articulated Dump Trucks: HA30 and HA45

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Updated Apr 10, 2023
Hyundai new HA30 and HA45 articulated dump trucks on gravel road in snow
Hyundai enters an entirely new equipment market with its HA30 and HA45 articulated dump trucks.
Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas has entered the articulated dump truck market, announcing its first two models: the HA30 and HA45.

The 28-ton-payload HA30 and 41-ton HA45 are the result of the company’s collaboration with new sister company Doosan, now called Hyundai Doosan Infracore. Since Hyundai Heavy Industries’ acqisition of Doosan Infracore’s construction division last year, the two have operated as separate entities under the Hyundai Genuine umbrella, with plans for collaboration on technology and equipment.

“Hyundai is excited to enter the ADT market to better serve our customers in aggregates and infrastructure construction,” said Mike Ross, senior vice president of CE Sales, Parts & Service for Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas. “Our new ADT models are the first collaborative results of the combined design, engineering and manufacturing expertise of Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Doosan Infracore.”

Hyundai says the manufacturers will continue to maintain their separate management and dealer networks, and "the two divisions plan further integration in R&D, design, engineering, procurement and manufacturing."

The models are based on Doosan’s DA30 and DA45 articulated haulers. Hyundai teased to the new HA30 late last month on its social media accounts. Until now, Hyundai has sold excavators, wheel loaders and compact asphalt rollers on the U.S. market. The new ADTs are available for order at Hyundai dealerships.

The company says the trucks are designed for large earthmoving projects, highway construction, and mine and quarry operations. They also make a good match for Hyundai’s larger wheel loaders and excavators, the company says.

Designed for high-volume production

teaser photo Hyundai HA30 articulated dump truck riding on pavementA teaser photo released last month on social media shows Hyundai's new HA30 ADT.Hyundai Construction Equipment AmericasThe HA30’s bed can hold 22 cubic yards heaped, which can be expanded an additional 1.3 cubic yards with a fitted tailgate. The HA45 has a heaped capacity of 32 cubic yards, which increases by 2 cubic yards with the tailgate.

An option enables the engine exhaust gases to heat the dump bodies to prevent freezing and materials from sticking. The beds can also be equipped with internal wear plates.

The new full-time, six-wheel-drive Hyundai ADTs feature Scania Tier 4 Final engines. The HA30 runs on a five-cylinder, 9.3-liter, 375-horsepower motor, and the HA45 at six cylinders, 12.7 liters and 500 horsepower.

The HA30 delivers 1,384 pound-feet of torque, and the HA45, 1,826 pound-feet.

The trucks have eight-speed ZF automatic transmissions. The torque converter has lockup in all gears for reduced fuel consumption and increased efficiency.

Spacious cabs

Hyundai says the trucks’ ROPS/FOPS cabs are the most spacious on the market and come standard with climate control. The trucks' operating controls are positioned in an ergonomic layout.

The operator’s seat is air-suspended. The cab’s internal sound level is rated at 72 decibels.

Other cab features include MP3 and Bluetooth-compatible radio, USB charger, all-round safety rails, and a footrest. There is enough storage room for an optional cool/hot box and 12-volt power sockets for phones and other accessories. 

Handling rough terrain

The ADTs are designed to be easy to maneuver due to a compact chassis design and shorter front frame section. The company claims the smallest turning radius in their class.

For operating in rough terrain, the ADTs come with the following features:

  • Self-leveling hydro-gas suspension on the front axle for a more comfortable ride and increased tractability.
  • Front and rear limited slip differentials and a longitudinal differential that can be manually locked for added traction.
  • Turning ring mounted in front of the chassis articulation point to equalize weight distribution to the front wheels.
  • Tandem reduction gearboxes on the two rear axles for rear-axle oscillation to keep tires on the ground.
  • A single central differential that increases ground clearance beneath the truck.

For safety, the trucks come with an integrated payload meter to prevent overloading, as well as record productivity; a gradient meter to keep the truck within safe limits to prevent flip over; and integrated rearview camera and large mirrors.

They have oil-cooled wet disc brakes with a service life of up to 15,000 hours and a hydraulically activated mechanical parking brake.

Service points

Service points are placed at ground level for easy, safe access. Fill points and filters can be accessed by tilting the engine canopy forward. The cab structure can be tilted toward the rear for further repair and maintenance access.

The trucks come with Hyundai Hi-Mate telematics, which has satellite and GSM connectivity. The system monitors productivity and fuel consumption and delivers system warning and maintenance status.

The operator can remotely check hydraulic and transmission oil levels from the cab.

In rolling out the new machines, Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe released the following promotional video: