Volvo CE Launches New EC300E Straight Boom Demolition Excavator

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Updated Mar 28, 2023
Volvo Construction Equipment EC300E Straight Boom crawler excavator
The new EC300E Straight Boom crawler excavator from Volvo CE is a purpose-built demolition machine with a max reach of 33 feet.
Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment introduced a new model to its lineup of purpose-built demolition excavators at the recent National Demolition Association Show, the EC300E Straight Boom.

The 30-ton crawler excavator is based on the standard EC300E but is outfitted with a 23-foot-long straight boom and purpose-built arm with a max reach of 33 feet. Volvo says the extra-long straight boom on the EC300E Straight Boom provides significant height and reach advantages over the standard machine.

The cab is covered with a frame-mounted Falling Objects Guard to protect operators against falling debris. The roof window and front one-piece glass are made from P5A, which is resistant to high impact. A washer and wiper on the front and roof windows come standard.

The EC300E Straight Boom’s reinforced frame is constructed of heavy-duty plate steel with bolt-head protection. The machine also features boom and bucket cylinder protection, a full track guard, a heavy-duty undercover and belly cover and a side impact protection structure.

Other standard features include X1 and X3 auxiliary piping, a quick fit and oil drain line, LED lights, and water lines that are connected to a dust suppression system that can work in either auto or manual mode. Manual mode sprays continuously, while Auto mode only sprays when the attachment is operating. The heavy counterweight is easily removable for transportation.

Lifting Mode

The company also used the show to announce a new lifting feature for its high-reach demolition excavators. Using the new Lifting Mode for Multi Demolition Boom, the EC380E HR, EC480E HR and EC750E HR can help unload components upon delivery at the jobsite and reload them when it’s time to leave, eliminating the need for a crane or other equipment. (Check out Volvo CE's EC750E HR using Lifting Mode in the video below.)

This mode can simplify transporting equipment to jobsites because it allows the excavator to safely lift components such as cradles and digging or high-reach booms from the trailer to the ground, Volvo says.

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“Total cost of ownership is reduced by eliminating the need for a mobile crane or second excavator, and flexibility is increased thanks to the time savings,” says Tony den Hoed, key account director, demolition equipment at Volvo CE. “Emissions are also reduced due to fewer vehicles being on site.”

Volvo says Lifting Mode is made possible thanks to machine software specifically designed for the controlled lifting of equipment and visual warnings outside the cab to alert bystanders that a lifting process is underway. The software also controls hydraulic pressure and engine speed to ensure safety throughout the lift.

It includes a certified lifting accessory designed to fit the modular joint design from the multi-demolition boom and connects to the lower pin of the boom. When all components are unloaded, a high reach or digging boom can be reinstalled.

EC300E Quick Specs:

  • Operating weight: 77,792 pounds
  • Engine gross power: 256 horsepower
  • Engine speed at max engine torque: 1,400 rpm
  • Max. allowable tool weight: 6,834 pounds
  • Max. pin height: 37′ 9″
  • Max. pin reach: 33′ 2″
  • Track gauge: 102”