Hyundai Combines Power, Precision with New HX160A L, HX180A L Excavators

Hyundai Construction Equipment HX160A and HX180A Excavators
Hyundai launches two new A-Series excavator models, weighing 16 and 18 tons.
Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai strengthened its excavator lineup with the addition of two new mid-range models: the 16-ton HX160A L and the 18-ton HX180A L.

The new machines come with Tier 4 Final/EU Stage V, B4.5 Cummins diesel engines that eliminate the need for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) for emissions control while at the same time offering a 5% improvement in fuel efficiency, the company says. Horsepower has increased 13% (to 155 gross hp) and the all-important torque output muscles up 27%.

Smooth = efficient

A new lifting mode improves fine hydraulic control by using engine rpm reduction, power boost action and an optimized hydraulic pump flow rate that matches power to the machines’ working demands, the company says. Hyundai calls this their Electric Pump Independent Control, or EPIC. A redesign of the main control valve and efficient hydraulic hose routing minimize energy loss within the system.

The P mode is designed for leveling and truck loading, and fine swing control smooths out the movement of the boom at the stop-start of the swing motion. The boom lift speed compared to swing speed is operator selected. The dipper arm can also be fine-tuned by activating and deactivating the arm regeneration function. And once you’ve got it dialed in, you can save your machine settings through Hyundai’s new “Key On Init” work mode that applies your preferred settings on start-up.

Features and options

Both machines can be spec’d with a range of track pads from 1.6 feet to 2.3 feet. The HX180A L gives you the option to spec 2.62-foot track pads for low ground pressure and stability. The standard monoboom reaches up to 31 feet and digs to 21.4 feet. Or you can choose a factory-built, two-piece boom that reaches 29.9 feet and digs to 18.6 feet.

Other options include:

  • Camera view system or a camera-in-mirror setup to cover blind spots
  • Level 2 Falling Object Guard for the cab and optional side protectors for the upper structure
  • A three-way valve for thumb and clamshell operation
  • Engine air intake pre-cleaner
  • Engine coolant preheaters

Cab comforts

The A Series cab provides a 13% increase in space for the operator and an improved grab handle in the cabin door. Visibility is increased to the side of the machine, and wider, anti-slip steps make cab entrance and exit easier and improve access to the service areas.

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An 8-inch touchscreen delivers all your operating information and can also be controlled with an automotive-style jog/dial module. The excavators can be specified with optional proportional auxiliary controls in the Kawasaki joystick lever heads. Single pedal straight travel is also available.

Hyundai’s HX A Series excavators also offer the Hi-MATE remote management system for service connectivity and remote diagnostics. The Mobile Fleet App has been updated to allow owners easy access to machine operating data, including economical usage, utilization and fault code recognition.

The Wi-Fi connectivity, with Miracast, allows the operator to use many of the functions of their smartphone, directly through the machine’s 8-inch infotainment screen. Operators can use their phones hands-free, listen to music directly from their smartphone and work with a number of internet-based applications through the Miracast system.

The Engine Connect Diagnostics (ECD), an integrated resource between Cummins and Hyundai, allows technicians and dealers to support customers with diagnostic reports and engine performance data. HCE-DT Air also allows the customer to connect wirelessly through a smartphone or laptop on site.

Scheduled maintenance has been extended to 800 hours on oil changes and 1,000 hours for fuel and prefilters.