Hyundai Unveils Trio of Excavators from 13 to 15 Metric Tons

The Hyundai HX130A LCR, HX140A L and HX145A LCR excavators parked on a concrete pad.
From left to right the Hyundai HX130A LCR, HX140A L and HX145A LCR
Hyundai Construction Equipment

Hyundai has announced the arrival of three new excavators in one of the most popular weight classes, the HX130 A LCR, HX140 A LCR and the HX145 A LCR. Ranging from 13 to 15 metric tons, all three are Stage V emissions compliant and available in the U.S. and Europe.

This HX A series excavators have several new elements in common. First, the Cummins engines have been designed for 1,000-hour oil-change intervals, twice as long as the previous models, when using CK-4 E/G lube oils.

The HX A Series machines also offer an upgraded IPC system and adjust the pump-flow rate and power to meet operator demand. The optimized main control valve and the hydraulic pipe layout minimize energy loss throughout the system.

For finesse, a new lifting mode improves fine control and lift capability, reducing engine rpm, activating power boost and offering improved pump flow control. The excavators also offer an optional fine swing control that smooths the movement of the boom at the start and stop of the swing.

The operator can change the ratio between the boom-lift speed and swing speed by activating and deactivating the boom priority function. Dipper arm speed can be fine-tuned by activating and deactivating the arm regeneration function. You can save these settings for repeatable performance in frequently performed tasks.

Cabin space in the three machines has been increased by 13%. They feature an improved grab handle design in the cabin door, making it easier to access the driver’s seat and improving visibility to the side from the cab.

The excavators have a modern cab interior with an 8-inch capacitive-type touchscreen for all major information, which can also be controlled through an automotive-style jog/dial module.

Hyundai HX130A LCR excavator parked close to a concrete wall.The HX130A LCR sports a reduced tail swing enabling it to work in tight spots and up against barriers, a popular option for rental customers.Hyundai Construction EquipmentModel-specific details

The smallest of the three new Hyundai excavators, the Hyundai X130 A LCR features a reduced swing design for more maneuverability in tight spaces. It comes with a 74-horsepower Cummins F3.8 engine and does not require diesel exhaust fluid for emissions reductions. It weighs 29,244 to 32,650 pounds and digs to a depth of 18.5 feet.

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Also featuring a Cummins F3.8 engine, the Hyundai X140A L comes with a conventional counterweight and creates 134 horsepower. It weighs 31,305 to 37,875 pounds and offers a dig depth to 19.7 feet.

The biggest of the three, the HX145A LCR also has a reduced tail swing and a 134-horsepower Cummins engine. It offers an 8% increase in power over its predecessor and a 4% improvement in fuel economy (3% in truck loading.) The HX145A weighs 33,543 to 39,947 pounds. Max dig depth is 15 to 16 feet.

Safety first

A new electronic swing parking system controls the swing brake function on the new A series for enhanced safety.

To improve visibility all around the machine, mirror view cameras and Hyundai’s AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) camera system are options. This includes IMOD (Intelligent Moving Object Detection), which informs the operator when people or objects are detected within the range of operation. An auto safety lock prevents unintended operation of the machine. 

Connected and smart

Hyundai’s standard Hi MATE remote management system delivers service connectivity and remote diagnostic ability. And the mobile fleet app has been updated to allow fleet owners easy access to machine operating data, including utilization and fault-code recognition. 

Optional Engine Connect Diagnostics (ECD), an integrated resource between Cummins and Hyundai, allows technicians and dealers to support customers with diagnostic reports and engine performance data. HCE-DT Air also allows the customer to connect wirelessly through a smartphone or laptop on site.