A Closer Look: Cat’s New 265 Compact Track Loader Revealed (Video)

Caterpillar launched its Next Generation 265 compact track loader late last year, with the completely redesigned CTL soon to hit dealerships along with its new sibling, the 255.

Equipment World got a closer look at the 265 at this year’s World of Concrete, with a walkaround tour led by Kevin Coleman, Cat product specialist.

Watch the video above for the closer look.

The 265 and 255 replace the 259D3, 279D3 and 289D3 with more power, more torque and higher lift height and force. The cab is also roomier and comes equipped with more comfort amenities as well as technology options.

You can run Cat’s Smart Attachments, which can be controlled by the new joysticks. Boosting attachment performance is the new high-flow XPS auxiliary hydraulic option for running more high-torque, hydro-mechanical tools, like cold planers and mulchers.

“These two new models have lots of improvements and enhancements over our previous series,” Coleman says. “They basically kind of fall into three categories: more performance, more power and more comfort.”

The CTLs are the last of Cat’s building and construction products to get the next-generation treatment and simplified nomenclature. The first number (2) represents the skid steer loader and compact track loader machine family; the middle number (6) designates the machine size; and the ending number (5) is the compact track loader identifier. Skid steers will be identified by a "0" at the end. 

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Quick Specs

  • Operating weight: 10,492 lbs.
  • Engine: 74 gross hp Cat C2.8TA
  • Peak torque: 280 lb-ft at 1,360 rpm
  • Max hydraulic flow: 34 gpm
  • ROC 35%: 2,823 lbs.
  • Tipping load: 8,066 lbs.
  • Ground pressure: 4.6 psi
  • Max bucket pin lift height: 132”
  • Max bucket pin lift reach: 9.8”
  • Ground clearance: 8.5”
  • Travel speed: 5-8.1 mph