Kato’s New IC70R Crawler Carrier Features 360-Degree Rotation (Video)

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Updated Jan 5, 2024
Kato IC70R crawler carrier rotated 90 degrees dirt in bed
The new Kato IC70R crawler carrier can rotate 360 degrees continuously, and the operator can switch travel in the direction of the carrier after rotating 180 degrees.

Kato has unleashed its new IC70R crawler carrier that features continuous, 360-degree rotation with lower height and narrower width for easier transport and working in tight areas.

It can dump a load with up to a 90-degree slewing angle, and the bed has a 4-cubic-yard capacity. The operator can also hit a travel operation changeover switch to reverse the steering direction and travel operations after rotating 180 degrees. (To watch a video of the IC70R in action, see the end of this article.)

Kato IC70R crawler carrier being loaded by excavator with dirtThe Kato IC70R has a 15,000-pound payload and bed capacity of 4 cubic yards.KatoThe IC70R fits into the middle of the company’s five-model crawler carrier lineup. It weighs 25,575 pounds and runs on a 188-horsepower Kubota diesel engine that is electronically controlled. The carrier has a payload capacity of 15,000 pounds.

According to Kato, the IC70R can be ordered with full ROPS cabin or ROPS/TOPS canopy. The cabin version comes standard with heating and air conditioning, a brush guard package and a multi-function monitor that shows fuel, DEF tank, rpms and voltage. Both versions are controlled by joysticks, but a proportional foot pedal is optional. The left joystick controls travel and vessel, and the right joystick controls slewing.

The IC70R can travel up to 7.5 mph. It has a minimum ground clearance of 1 feet 10 inches, which Kato says reduces the risk of overturning.

Kato IC70R crawler carrier rear view bed full of dirtKatoOther features on the new crawler carrier:

  • Increased visibility from the cabin, and cameras that detect blind spots.
  • Traveling and slewing speed limited under certain conditions for increased safety, such as when the carrier is not fully retracted or the carrier is moving.
  • In energy-saving mode, engine rotation speed and pump flow are controlled to meet the best energy distribution, the company says. And while in neutral, idling mode kicks in to save fuel and produce less emissions.
  • Frequently used switches concentrated near the monitor.
  • The seat slides, reclines and has suspension.
  • Larger cover openings for easier access to filters, DEF tank and battery.

Check out the Kato video below of the IC70R in action:

Quick Specs

  • Operating weight: 25,575 pounds
  • Payload: 15,000 pounds
  • Engine: 188 hp Tier 4 Final Kubota
  • Dump bed capacity: 4 cubic yards
  • Ground pressure (empty/loaded): 3.64/6.17 psi
  • Max travel speed: 7.5 mph
  • Minimum ground clearance: 1’10”
  • Gradeability: 20 degrees
  • Max dump angle: 65 degrees
  • Max dump height: 14’11”
  • Dimensions: 18’2” L x 9’9” W x 8’10” H

Kato IC70R crawler carrier front view traveling over dirtKato

Kato IC70R crawler carrier side view on parking lotKato