Link-Belt intros LSG Scrap Grapples for high-volume processing

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Updated Jul 30, 2020
Link-Belt LSG-125 Scrap Grapple
Link-Belt LSG-125 Scrap Grapple
Link-Belt LSG-125 Scrap GrappleLink-Belt LSG-125 Scrap Grapple

Link-Belt LSG Series Scrap Grapples are designed for high-volume scrap yard processing.

The orange peel grapples for excavators come in four models with multiple tine and spade styles. They are designed with an overall footprint that will fit inside trailers.

Cylinders and internal components are protected by a heavy-duty guarding system that can be easily removed for performing maintenance. The grapples also feature high-torque, 360-degree rotation.

The abrasion-resistant steel tips are replaceable with a simple perimeter weld. Reverse-mounted cylinders are designed to protect rods from damage.

The models in the series are:

  • LSG 100 – for excavators of at least 22 metric tons; weighs 3,500 pounds; 1-cubic-yard capacity.
  • LSG 125 – for excavator of at least 22 metric tons; weighs 3,600 pounds; 1-cubic-yard capacity.
  • LSG 150 – for excavators at least 30 metric tons; weighs 4,800 pounds; 2-cubic-yard capacity.
  • LSG 200 – for excavators at least 40 metric tons; weighs 5,000 pounds; 2-cubic-yard capacity.