Deere offering factory-installed payload weighing on L-Series wheel loaders

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Updated Jan 3, 2020

Jdce Cab Large

John Deere can now integrate its new Payload Weighing System at the factory for its L-Series wheel loaders.

The system is integrated with Topcon to allow operators to quickly weigh and calculate loads to reach accurate payloads. It is compatible with 744L, 824L and 844L wheel loader models.

The system has an auto-accumulation feature that automatically adds each bucket load to an accumulated total. It also speeds production by reducing the need to unload material to correct payloads, and it helps prevent fines for overloading, the company says. An alarm sounds when the wheel loader’s payload has exceeded the defined limit.

Operators can also enact a tare function that automatically removes hopper or pallet weight to determine actual material weight.

Jdce Screen LargePayload information is displayed on a touchscreen inside the cab. A live tip-off function allows operators to adjust the final load, the company says.

The system can handle multiple jobs. It can pause jobs and then resume them without having to start over. Operators can even mix materials and keep track of their weight.

Data can be exported to USB drive or printed. The system is integrated with JDLink telematics for tracking payload data.

The system’s components, including boom and chassis harnesses, are mounted in secure spots to prevent damage, Deere says.