Xylem’s new NC100S, CD100S ‘smart pumps’ can be operated remotely from anywhere

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Updated Jan 2, 2020
The Xylem CD100S is designed for construction contractors.The Xylem CD100S is designed for construction contractors.

Xylem has increased the offerings of its Godwin S Series Dri-Prime dewatering pumps with the new NC100S and CD100S models.

The 4-inch surface-mounted centrifugal pumps feature Xylem’s latest cloud-based Field Smart Technology, which enables remote operation and monitoring of the pumps from anywhere in the world, the company says. The technology comes standard on the pumps. Through Internet of Things and cellular, satellite and GPS technology, users can monitor and operate the pumps by smartphone, tablet or computer. The company says it also improved the graphical user interface.

Another plus for owners, the pumps have interchangeable impellers. That means you only have to purchase one of the pumps to get the benefit of both.

Xylem NC100SXylem NC100S

The CD100S is primarily geared to the construction and utility industries and emergency water pumping. The impeller can be switched with a Flygt N-Technology self-cleaning, non-clog impeller, as used on the NC100S, which is designed for handling wastewater. “This provides customers with the flexibility to tackle stringy, fibrous materials most commonly associated with modern wastewater applications, all with the same pump,” the company says.

Both models have redesigned pump ends that increase uptime by 20 percent and reduce service time by 40 percent, the company says. Their Tier 4 Final engines reduce diesel particulate emissions by 90 percent. The pumps can be fitted with a double-walled skid base to prevent hazardous-liquid spills, and electric motors are available for the pumps.