TEI intros MMB326 rock drill for Brokk 300 demolition robot

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Updated Aug 28, 2019
TEI’s MMB326TEI’s MMB326

The new MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills is designed to pair with the Brokk 300 demolition machine, offering a variety of drill holes up to 3 inches in concrete, rock and compact soil.

The MMB326 is less than 30 inches long and delivers 250 foot-pounds of torque. It can reach rotations speeds of 250 rpm. It is designed to be a faster, more accurate alternative to jackleg drilling through brick, concrete and rock, while causing less operator fatigue. It is also safer because it can be operated remotely. The drill is also quieter than pneumatic handheld devices and can be used in apartment buildings and other residential areas.

The hydraulic drifter uses TEI’s patented Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) technology, designed to increase productivity and tool life.

The attachment can be used with a manual centralizer for rock drilling or with a hydraulic clamp for extension drilling and roof bolting, the company says. It is available with mast lengths of 5.9 feet or 7.8 feet. Additional features include variable rotation speeds up to 250 rpm to help minimize the risk of jamming and reversible rotation motors that deliver high torque.