Danuser intros improved Mega Mixer bucket for scooping, mixing and dispensing

Updated Jun 9, 2019
Danuser Mega Mixer 2019

CAT compact track loader with a Danuser Mega Mixer bucket dispensing concrete for workers

Danuser has updated its Mega Mixer material handling bucket with a new design.

The bucket, which allows operators to mix, scoop and dispense materials ranging from livestock feed to bag-mix concrete, has been updated in three ways:

  • New discharge end is easier to operate.
  • Offers faster mixing and dispensing thanks to an 8-inch diameter with 8-inch pitch steel auger
  • Improved torque thanks to a 22.8 cubic inch motor. Able to dispense 3/4 of a yard of material ( including up to 1-inch diameter rock) in 26 seconds.


Danuser Mega Mixer bucket attached to a Takeuchi compact track loader

“The built-in cutting edges and robust design make the new Mega Mixer well-suited for scooping from piles of sand, gravel, feed, grains, dry topsoil, dry compost and a variety of other agriculture and construction materials,” says Danuser co-owner Glenn Danuser. “It has the performance to save the operator time and labor cost on the farm or jobsite.”

With mounts on both sides, machine operators can dispense from either the left or right. The bucket also includes pin holders, easy-to-read yardage markers, a pair of 2-foot multi-link chutes that store on the bucket, and a closable discharge end for limiting spilling.

Danuser Mega Mixer filling raised garden beds

Optional accessories include:

  • 24-inch and 36-inch chutes
  • Topless hopper extension
  • Funnel with 6-inch hose adapter

MegaMixer specifications and mounting options