Case intros a 2050M dozer built for landfill work

Updated Jun 15, 2019

Case 2050M landfill dozer

Case has introduced a new configuration for its most powerful bulldozer that is purpose-built for landfills.

Boasting a wide array of landfill-specific features, components and guarding, Case says the 2050M Landfill Configuration was tested inside “large-scale landfill operations throughout North America” as part of its development.

Case says it is offering this configuration on the 2050M because the stock configuration of this dozer is already pretty well suited for landfill work, boasting robust power—with 214 net horsepower and a drawbar pull of 80,979 pounds—a hydrostatic drive system and a load management system. This load management system reduces track speed, thereby increasing torque, when a heavier load is detected on the blade, and increases track speed when a light load is detected.

The 2050M also features control customizations, allowing the operator to tailor performance based on preference and ground conditions. Blade sensitivity, steering sensitivity and shuttle sensitivity can be set to “smooth,” “moderate” or “aggressive.”

Case 2050M landfill dozer

To make the 2050M completely fit for landfill jobs, Case made more than a dozen changes to the core machine.

For starters, on the Landfill Configuration, Case will offer the 2050M with a wide track or a low-ground-pressure track. The machine will also be equipped with a semi-u blade with a trash rack that increases blade capacity to 14.5 cubic yards. Blade height is 79 inches.

A six-way PAT blade is an available option.

The rest of the changes to the 2050M provide greater protection to the machine:

  • Tank guards and debris deflectors redirect material away from the chassis and protect the engine, cooling package, tanks, and other critical components of the dozer.
  • A steel chassis seal kit covers gaps and prevent trash incursion and buildup.
  • Standard front striker bars prevent material from climbing the tracks and entering into the chassis
  • Optional track frame wrap striker bars completely guard any material from wrapping the front idler area of the track frame.
  • Window and door guards protect the operator and the cab with 2-inch x 2-inch steel screens.
  • Sy-Klone Series 9000 pre-cleaner with screens prevents trash and debris from entering the engine air intake system.
  • Heavy-duty radiator door protects from impact and debris.
  • A new rear cabinet and counterweight provides tow hook, tow rope mounting provisions, striker bars, suitcase weights, and mounting provisions for an owners’ installed aftermarket fire suppression system.
  • A specially designed set of super-duty final drive guards with multiple overlapping seal guards prevent material and wire from wrapping, overlapping, and sacrificing critical final drive seals.
  • Optional HEPA Sy-Klone Cab air cleaner with landfill protective enclosure
  • Extensive hose and cylinder guards
  • Exhaust insulation
  • Grease fitting protection