GOMACO to offer diecast models of 2 of its pavers

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Updated Jun 12, 2019
GOMACO Xtreme CommanderGOMACO Xtreme Commander

GOMACO plans this fall to begin selling diecast models of two of its paving machines, the Xtreme Commander IIIx curb and gutter machine and the GP4 slipform paver.

The Xtreme Commander diecast model will have a curb and gutter mold, trimmer and a moveable conveyor belt. The three tracks will travel and move. The model also will have a front leg that swings, a right-front telescoping leg, and a sliding rear leg to position all three of the tracks. The model will be 10.55 inches long, 3.86 inches wide and 4.49 inches high. Estimated price: $163.


The model of the four-track GP4 will also have moveable tracks. The tracks will pivot to put the model in transport mode. The model will also include a detachable spreader plow and auger/strike-off mold. It will be 10.43 inches long, 12.83 inches wide and 5.82 inches high. Estimated price: $198.

These will be the first diecast models for the 50-year-old company, and a limited amount will be available, according to GOMACO.

To reserve a model, go to gomaco.com/models.