The ZW80, Hitachi’s newest and smallest loader, gets fuel-saving mode

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Updated Jun 17, 2019

Hitachi ZW80 compact wheel loader

Hitachi’s new ZW80 marks the smallest in the company’s compact wheel loader lineup to be equipped with Eco Mode, which cuts fuel consumption by 10 percent.

The ZW80 by Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America runs on a 63-horsepower Kubota engine. The new Tier 4 Final engine uses selective catalytic reduction to curb emissions. For lighter tasks, the operator can shift to Eco Mode to reduce engine rpms and fuel consumption.

When you need a quick boost of power, flip the differential lock switch on the hydraulics joystick. Other features include an inching pedal that enables the loader to decelerate while at high engine rpms and gives it positive braking at the bottom of the pedal stroke. The operator can also turn on Auto-mode, which responds to travel speed and prevents unnecessary pitching. The loader can travel 21.1 mph.

The ZW80 weighs 12,220 pounds and has a heaped-bucket capacity of 1.2 yards. It can lift loads up to 3,587 pounds with enough reach to fill full-size dump bodies. Breakout force is 8,280 pounds.

A fully enclosed, sealed, sound-insulated cab comes standard; a basic ROPS/FOPS canopy is an option. The cab’s floor-to-ceiling front window is tinted, and the side windows and lock-back doors can be opened to improve ventilation. Air conditioning is optional.

The cab’s pillarless design gives a clear view to the rear. For easier exit and entrance, Hitachi provided a walk-through design with large steps and safety handrails on the left and right. The cab also features an adjustable suspension seat and an extra-wide seatbelt.

An oscillating axle maintains a smooth ride and stable load-carrying in irregular terrain, the company says. A wraparound counterweight creates a low center of gravity to increase stability while loading or traveling.

The ZW80’s center pin area is designed with strong support structures and large pins and bearings. Zerk fittings are placed for easy access, so there’s no need to crawl under the loader to service the oscillation area. HN vacuums contain a special high-viscosity oil as a built-in lubricant reserve. The aluminum radiator and aluminum oil cooler are designed side-by-side for easy maintenance and cleaning access.

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The loader comes standard with a hook-type coupler. A universal attachment coupler is available.