Leading Edge: Hi-Production Multi-Ripper beats hydraulic hammer

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Updated Jan 18, 2019

Leading Edge Attachments' Hi-Production Multi-Ripper

Leading Edge Attachments says its new Hi-Production Multi-Ripper is so powerful it can break through rock and frozen ground four times faster than a hydraulic hammer and at a lower cost.

The attachment builds upon the company’s Multi-Ripper by increasing the number of shanks from three to five.

“These extra two shanks allow the operator to double the rotation of the tool to ultimately increase ripping productivity,” the company says.

The attachment is compatible with any backhoe, compact excavator or excavator weighing more than 6,000 pounds. It can rip the sides and bottom of a trench flat with no depth limitation, the company says.

Along with costing less than a hydraulic hammer, the attachment requires less maintenance and is easier on the carrier machine, according to Leading Edge. It requires no hydraulic lines and is made of Hardox 400 alloy steel to handle abrasive conditions and cold weather.