Liebherr previews R 922, R 924 Generation 8 excavators planned for 2019 release

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Updated Nov 4, 2018

Liebherr Crawler Excavator

Liebherr Group’s Generation 8 crawler excavators, planned for introduction staring in January and throughout the coming year, will include two models for highly regulated countries such as the United States.

The 160-horsepower R 922 and 162-horsepower R 924 models, weighing between 22 and 45 metric tons, will share a modular platform that allows common structures and components. Horsepower has been increased by 10 percent compared to previous models launched in 2013. The machines feature a standard counterweight with higher bucket capacities than the previous models, ranging from .53 to 2.77 cubic yards.

Each Generation 8 model will feature a hollow molded piece at the top of the boom, which Liebherr says leads to better performance and breakout forces in addition to reducing the weight of the machine. An optimized load curve helps reduce fuel consumption. The undercarriage now features lifetime lubrication.

Crawler Excavator Dumping Dirt

Liebherr has switched to LED lights, citing the longer life and reduced electrical consumption of LEDs when compared with the previous halogen lights.

In the cab, a 7-inch high resolution color monitor displays machine status data, including levels of engine and hydraulic oil and diesel exhaust fluid. Operators will also be able to adjust machine movements by using the touchscreen.

Featuring rear view and lateral cameras, the cab also has an emergency exit accessible through the rear window. To ease maintenance, the fuel prefilter and filter along with the engine and cab air filters are accessible at ground level.

Liebherr’s preview video on these models is below.