Kinshofer launches W-S Series drum cutter line through Atlas acquisition

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Updated Jun 2, 2018
Kinshofer’s new W-S Series Drum Cutters consists of seven models for excavators ranging from 4,400 to 132,000 pounds.Kinshofer’s new W-S Series Drum Cutters consists of seven models for excavators ranging from 4,400 to 132,000 pounds.

Excavator and crane attachment manufacturer Kinshofer has purchased Atlas GmbH’s drum cutter lineup and will market the products under the Kinshofer name as the W-S Series Drum Cutters.

Kinshofer says the products for excavators and loader cranes will allow it to expand its sales to contractors in various industries, including tunneling and mining.

Atlas sold the Schaeff Transverse Cutter business to Kinshofer to focus on manufacturing cranes and excavators, according to both companies. Kinshofer says it will sell the transverse, or drum, cutters globally through its dealer network and will also service drum cutters previously sold by Atlas. Its dealers will also provide technical support and parts. The deal consolidates more products under one company to add convenience for customers, the companies say.

“This change is not only good for both companies but customers as well,” says Brahim Sitiou, Atlas president and CEO. “They want one manufacturer they can go to for their attachment needs, and this transition gives them that.”

Kinshofer says the cutters are driven by high-torque motors and have gear reduction to increase cutting force. The cutters also have a heavy-duty sealing that makes them waterproof to 80 feet deep. They are designed to produce low noise and vibration. The hydraulic motor can be adjusted to the output of the excavator’s hydraulics. Wear parts are easy to change, the company says. Optional 360-degree rotation is available.

The W-S Series consists of seven models:

  • WS15N – for excavators weighing 4,400 to 17,300 pounds
  • WS30N – for excavators weighing 17,300 to 33,000 pounds
  • WS45N – for excavators weighing 26,400 to 44,000 pounds
  • WS60N – for excavators weighing 39,600 to 66,000 pounds
  • WS90N – for excavators weighing 55,000 to 77,000 pounds
  • WS120N – for excavators weighing 66,000 to 99,000 pounds
  • WS150N – for excavators weighing 88,000 to 132,000 pounds

Drums for various uses and strengths are available, including rock drums for cutting soft to medium-hard rock; profiling drums for shaping and leveling soft to medium-hard rocks; and demolition drums for cutting medium-hard to hard rock and concrete. Customers can also choose among four styles of chisels: standard for soft to medium-hard rock; heavy duty for medium-hard to very hard rocks; wear-protected for abrasive rocks like sandstone and furnace gravel; and a wood chisel for tree stumps.

Both Atlas and Kinshofer are based in Germany. Atlas has been manufacturing cranes and excavators since 1919. Kinshofer, formed in 1971, manufactures equipment attachments for such purposes as scrap, demolition, railway, landscaping, construction, snow clearing, excavating, road building, forestry, tire recycling and biomass. Along with Kinshofer, the company’s brands include Demarec, RF Systems, Auger Torque, Doherty and Solesbee’s.