Epiroc SB 302, SB 402 breakers now come in tunnel models

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Updated May 29, 2018
Epiroc’s SB 302 TunnelEpiroc’s SB 302 Tunnel

Epiroc has introduced tunnel versions of its SB 302 and SB 402 hydraulic breakers for underground work, such as scaling, tunneling and mining.

The breakers are designed with a stainless-steel piston to extend the piston’s life. Other features designed to increase attachment durability include a press-fit, one-piece bushing locked by an additional pin, an exchangeable wear plate over the hammer body, and heavy-duty retainer bars and a locking pin.

A collar with a front shield and a dust cover minimize dust intake when working in overhead areas, the company says. The breaker can be adjusted to improve performance during traditional scaling operations or during rock-breaking jobs.

The new tunneling attachments fit excavators of 4.5 to 13 tons and standard underground scalers. The SB 302 has a service weight of 690 pounds and the SB 452 is 990 pounds.