Ditch Witch partners with Vacuworx to offer vacuum lifts for mini skid steers

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Updated Apr 24, 2018

Ditch Witch Vacuworx

Ditch Witch and Vacuworx have joined forces to offer vacuum lifting attachments for Ditch Witch’s mini skid steers.

Vacuworx says its PS 1 Portable and SL 2 Subcompact Vacuum Lifting Systems are compatible with the full line of Ditch Witch’s construction-grade mini skid steers – the SK600, SK800, SK1050 and SK1550.

The new partnership will allow Vacuworx to expand its product distribution and reach new markets, says Vacuworx President Bill Solomon. All Vacuworx products are being offered at participating Ditch Witch dealerships, the company says.

Ditch Witch says the partnership will allow it to provide its customers with greater versatility and become more competitive, especially for the underground construction market.

“Our partnership with Vacuworx will enable our line of mini skid steers to do what others can’t, allowing us to continue offering our customers advanced innovation and expanded versatility,” said Randy Rupp, Ditch Witch vice president of product strategy. “The vacuum lifting attachments help meet the growing challenges and needs of contractors and municipalities in the underground construction space.”

Vacuworx’s products grab and move material by a vacuum-lifting technology that won’t damage the material. The attachments use constant vacuum pressure for handling such items as steel road plates and concrete slabs. That saves workers’ time, by allowing materials to be loaded must faster than conventional methods, Vacuworx says.

Vacuworx’s PS 1 weighs 25 pounds and can lift up to 1,700 pounds. It is geared toward lighter, smaller loads on compact jobsites that require the Ditch Witch SK600. The PS 1 recently underwent an upgrade with the addition of a 12-volt, 22-amp-hour rechargeable battery that provides about 8 hours of run time and can be fully recharged within 8 hours without overcharging.

The SL 2 weighs 98 pounds and can lift up to 2,700 pounds. Though it is compatible with Ditch Witch’s full lineup of mini skid steers, it works best with the SK1550, Vacuworx says. In January, Vacuworx introduced a wireless remote-control option for the SL 2 that makes it easier to attach the device to the host machine.