Ditch Witch enters air excavation market with 3-model lineup; unveils FX, FXT65 vacuum excavators

Updated May 3, 2016
FXT50 AirFXT50 Air

Ditch Witch has announced its entrance into the air excavation market alongside a new vacuum excavator model.

The company now offers a three-model lineup of air excavators: the FXT30 Air, FXT50 Air and FXT65 Air. The machines boast air and water excavation abilities for locating utilities or gas leaks in below-grade jobsites, Ditch Witch says.

With many states restricting the use of hydro-excavation when near highways, railroads and certain environmental conditions, Ditch Witch says it wanted to offer customers the ability to instantly switch from hydro- to air-excaattion and vice versa. Plus, while the machines use high air pressure for excavating, they can be switched to a low pressure mode for using hand tools and moles.

“This new line lessens one of the downsides of potholing with pressurized water: the time it takes to move spoils and backfill,” says Jason Proctor, product manager, vacuum excavation systems for Ditch Witch.

Each air excavator uses a PTO-driven compressor and a filtration system which utilizes a cyclonic separator to prevent fine particles fro reaching the vacuum system.

FXT65 truck-mounted vacuum excavatorFXT65 truck-mounted vacuum excavator

New vacuum excavator

The 65 model will also be available as the trailer-mounted FX65 and truck-mounted FXT65 vacuum excavators.

Ditch Witch calls these machines its most productive models, boasting 20 percent more airflow.

The excavators are powered by a 75-horsepower, turbocharged Deutz engine and can handle larger excavations and potholing along with sizable cleanup jobs. An auxiliary hydraulic power system enables the use of a variety of tools including impact wrenches and jackhammers.

Tank options for the FX65 include 500-, 800- or 1,200-gallon vacuum tanks and 200-, 300- or 500-gallon water tanks. On the FXT65, 500- or 800-gallon vacuum tanks and 200- or 400-gallon water tanks are available.