KRYPTON: Ford F-350 with sinister visor, 40-inch tires is the true Truck of Steel (PHOTOS)

Updated Nov 13, 2015

There are plenty of impressive-looking trucks on the SEMA show floor and the Krypton, a monstrified Ford F-350 designed by the folks from South Carolina shop Fab Fours, is no exception.

But the combination of the truck’s bright green visor and wheel flares pulled me in. And that’s when I found out that those things are actually a bit of an afterthought for the team that put the truck together for the show.

“The biggest thing we wanted to do with this truck was put these 40-inch tires on the factory suspension,” said Tim McDonald. “Usually you need a 6-inch lift just to fit 35s, but we were able to do it on the stock suspension here.”

A close-up of that brushed steel vinyl wrap.A close-up of that brushed steel vinyl wrap.

And just in case you’re skeptical about whether the truck actually moves with those giant tires…

“Oh it works,” McDonald said. “We actually towed the other vehicles we have here in the booth out here with this truck so it definitely works.”

Tires aside, the truck’s design is where it truly shines, combining those bright green accents with a body that appears to have been stripped of paint and brushed. When I brought up this brushed steel look to McDonald he smiled. “It’s a vinyl wrap, but it’s nice though.”

But back to the green. The truck’s front fascia is distinguished by what Fab Fours calls the Grumper, a concept one-piece bumper/grille the Lancaster-based company is trying to decide whether or not to add to its product lineup. Also concepts are the amazing visor and the wheel flars.

Between the steel wrap and the Kyrpton-green accents, the truck is definitely throwing allusions at Superman. But the visor and flares give the truck a look more reminiscent to the Tumbler, the now-iconic Batmobile from the Dark Knight trilogy.

I digress. Wrapping up, McDonald added that the rear rack, steps and rear bumper are all products Fab Fours currently offers.