Treads and threads: Timberland puts the rubber under your truck and your feet in recycling, rewards program

Updated Nov 7, 2015
Timberland’s tires are recycled into boot treads, and they’ll give you a discount to try it out.Timberland’s tires are recycled into boot treads, and they’ll give you a discount to try it out.

Trucks need traction, so do your feet. Timberland, the same people who make outdoor clothing and footwear, came up with a program to turn their brand of tires into outsoles for many of the styles of shoes and boots they make.

Timberland Tires boots SEMA 1Timberland sells a variety of tires, all manufactured in the United States. At the SEMA show this year they were showing two truck tires.

The Timberland Cross, is a tire with a 65,000 mile warranty, beveled block points to reduce road squirm and a silica-based rubber formula for long tread life. They also had on display the Timberland A/T, designed to provide pickup, Jeep and SUV owners with off-road capabilities. This all-terrain tire has a 50,000 mile warranty and larger tread lugs for traction.

No surprise, the kind of people who buy Timberland clothes and shoes care about the environment, so the company did a very smart thing and contracted with tire recycling firms to separate and sort worn out Timberland tires for recycling.

The process grinds up the old tire and turns it into a crumb rubber material which can then be remanufactured into shoe outsoles. The materials used in their tires is REACH compliant, a European regulation that helps facilitate their recycling into shoe materials.

And just to make sure you get the idea, if you buy a set of their tires the company is offering a 10 percent discount on any Timberland apparel products at