Atlas Copco’s new lightweight Cobra PROe and TTe handheld breakers minimize vibration

AtlasCopco_TTeBoost productivity while minimizing vibration with the latest versions of Atlas Copco’s Cobra gas-powered handheld breakers.

The Cobra PROe and Cobra TTe breakers are compact and lightweight, weighing as little as 53 pounds and measuring 24 inches wide from handle to handle.

The Cobras feature multiple vibration reducing systems, including the Hand Arm Protection System, which minimizes harmful vibrations that transfer from the machine to the operator, allowing the operator to work longer.

A vibro-dampening system minimizes vibration intensity using leaf springs to spread vibrations over a larger area than traditional rubber bushings or spiral springs.

AtlasCopco_PROeThe TTe delivers 1,620 blows per minute and 30 foot-pounds of impact energy, and the PROe has a blow frequency of 1,440, with up to 44 foot-pounds of impact energy. Both models are available with two tool shank sizes – 1 1/8 by 6 and 1 1/4 by 6 inches wide – that is composed of steel made using heat-treated, heavy-duty alloy and coated with a durable finish.

The PROe and TTe feature easy maintenance for maximum uptime. High capacity air filters are located at the top of the breaker to ensure easy removal, and the oil level indicator is located just under the handles, which simplifies oil checks.

Both models have decompression valves and electric ignitions for easy start in any temperature. The one-cylinder, two-stroke engines can operate with alkalyte or 90 to 100 premixed octane unleaded gas.