This Ford F-700 with built-in backhoe is all the truck you’ll ever need…and only $5k (PHOTOS)

Updated Aug 25, 2015

Looking like it came straight out of a Hot Wheels package is this 1995 Ford F-700 with an honest-to-God bed-mounted backhoe.

Likely decommissioned from a utility or a municipality, this magnificent beast was recently listed and sold on eBay just south of $5,000. It took two attempts to sell however, with the first auction not meeting the seller’s reserve price.

That might be because of the scant detail the listing included. No specs were given on that backhoe other than it’s “very strong” and “full function.” The truck’s interior is pretty beat up too, but hey, it only has 96,342 miles on it! And for $5,000 this thing makes a pretty strong case for an impulse purchase.

Unfortunately, you don’t see very many of these vehicles up for sale online, so keep your eyes peeled.