Impress Ford with how you’d punish a 2015 F-150 and win a week-long test drive

2015 Ford F-150

What would you do if Ford handed you the keys to a brand new 2015 F-150 and said “Give us your worst”?

Would you put it through the ringer on the jobsite? Would you take it off-road to your favorite mudding spot? Perhaps you’d hitch up a trailer full of cinder blocks and go about your daily routine just to test out that towing power?

Anyway, the point is, you might want to think about it. Because Ford wants to hear your most creative ideas for punishing their new aluminum-bodied pickup. The five best ideas will win their creators a seat behind the wheel of the new F-150 before just about anyone else in the world.

Until May 31, you can submit your idea for the ultimate test drive at Before September 1, Ford will select up to five winners for a week-long test drive with the new truck all while video crews document your real-world testing.

Up to five winners will be selected to spend up to a week behind the wheel of a new F-150 while video crews document the truck undergoing the real-world testing. The videos will be posted to

Ford unveiled the new F-150 in mid-January. Thanks to its aluminum body, the truck is 700 pounds lighter than the 2014 F-150. Click here to read our full story on the new F-150 as well as a photo gallery.