What to see at ConExpo 2017: JetStream, Kawasaki, Subsite, E.D. Etnyre in the Central Hall

Marcia Doyle
Updated Feb 7, 2017

The big show is fast approaching, and ConExpo exhibitors have given us a sneak peek into what they’ll have in store for those attending the March 7-11 massive exhibition. To view previous preview entries for ConExpo 2017 click here. Here’s the spotlight on four exhibitors in the Central Hall:

Kawasaki-KCM, booth C-20527


KCM, the new brand for Kawasaki loaders, will debut two new compact loaders, along with new additions to the Tier 4 Final Z7 loader line, the 80Z7 T4F (shown) and the 95Z7 T4F. The 4.2-cubic-yard, 200-horsepower 80Z7 T4F has an operating weight of 38,910 pounds and uses the company’s IntelliTech Operating System, which adapts the powertrain and hydraulics to operating demands and working conditions. Advanced logic in the controller provides precise fuel acceleration without unnecessary fuel consumption. Transmission shift points, instead of being fixed, respond to the working and environment conditions to provide balance between speed and rimpull.

Booth activities: Attendees can experience an interactive 90Z7 Tier 4 wheel loader, which will showcase the company’s IntelliTech system. The company also will reveal a new brand and paint scheme.

Subsite Electronics, booth C-31927


The Commander 7 from Subsite offers enhanced capabilities to the company’s TK Recon Series HDD Guidance System, delivering vital tracking data to both the drill operator and the tracker operator. Much like a smartphone, the Commander 7 will be upgradable to future features, allowing you to update software and letting you keep the hardware longer. Compatible with both Apple IOS and Android devices, the unit has an expanded communication range, faster data rate speeds and a high-resolution 7-inch screen with user-friendly icons. A quick-release remote mount allows users to remove the unit for security and storage.

Booth activities: Specials and giveaways, plus a demonstration of the TK Recon Series and Commander 7 display.

E. D. Etnyre & Company, booth C-30314


Equipment on display will include two Centennial Distributor trucks, a chip spreader, lowboy trailer, livebottom belt trailer and an asphalt pup tanker. The Centennial Distributors include the computerized controls, a variable width bar and on-board scale system.

Booth activities: A 1908 Etnyre Horseless Carriage will be on display.

JetStream of Houston, booth C-21014


The Jetsream OrbiJet X22 rotary nozzle is rated for pressures up to 22,000 psi. The compound angles of the four jets allow the nozzle to provide a wide cleaning path, making surface cleaner and safer for industrial cleaning companies. Each of the four rotating jets follow a different cleaning path for greater coverage and less streaking than the fan tip of a straight nozzle. Two jets can be used for a narrow path, and the other two jets can be used for a wide path. The nozzle features a lightweight Twis-Lok shroud that helps ensure safer water displacement and protects the nozzle from damage during operation.

Booth activities: Demonstrations of equipment on display.