V.P. Pence asks construction industry to donate masks

Updated Mar 23, 2020

N95At a press conference March 17, Vice President Mike Pence asked all construction companies in the United States to donate their N95 masks to local hospitals and medical clinics to help protect medical teams and patients and slow transmission of the coronavirus.

He also asked that construction companies forgo ordering more N95 masks during the outbreak, while there is a shortage of masks for health care workers.

The House’s bill being considered in the Senate would expand liability protection for mask manufacturers, and Pence said the masks are acceptable for use by health care workers.

If you are not sure if the masks you have in inventory are N95, there should be some kind of printed information on the outside of the mask as seen in the photo below. An N95 mask will also have two straps and a seal or foam gasket around the perimeter to prevent air leaks around the side.

More information about dust mask ratings can be found at this link.