Announcing the 12 finalists in our 2016 Contractor of the Year awards

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Updated Jan 29, 2016

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We are proud to announce the 2016 finalists for our Contractor of the Year program, now in its 16th year.

Sponsored by Caterpillar since 2000, the Contractor of the Year program honors 12 finalists during a weekend event that includes the March 6th NASCAR Kobalt Tools 400 race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Held at the Wynn Las Vegas, the event includes a Friday roundtable, Saturday morning focus group and a Saturday night awards banquet, where the 2016 Contractor of the Year winner will be announced. The winner will be featured on the May 2016 cover of Equipment World, and each finalist will be featured in subsequent issues.

Here are the 2016 finalists, with some of the comments that caught the attention of our editors:

B & P Excavating, Sedalia, Missouri

  • Owner: Michael Brown
  • Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

“Mike is a handshake kind of guy. If he shakes your hand and looks you in the eye and says this is what’s going to happen, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Boyce Excavating, Slate Hill, New York

  • Owner: Garry Boyce
  • Annual revenues: $10 to $13 million

“He’s viewed as one of the premier contractors in this area. He’s brought his company a long way over the past 15 years, and I had a dozen customers like him, my life would be pretty easy.”

Brock’s Grading and Land Clearing, Hartsville, South Carolina

  • Owner: Terry Michael Brock
  • Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

“He’s good at empowering his people and letting them do what they’re good at. A lot of contractors are controlling micromanagers, but he’s smart enough to give a little every now and then and let someone else have some control and ownership.”

DECCO Contractors-Paving, Rogers, Arkansas

  • Owners: David, Joanne, Eric and Janine Covington
  • Annual revenues: $10 to $13 million

“They have a willingness to partner even with their competition to leverage their strengths to get the work done, and they’re able to get more work because of it.”

Dieudonne Enterprises, Harahan, Louisiana

  • Owner: Tina Dieudonne
  • Annual revenues: $8 to $10 million

“They have the most outstanding business ethics. They are going to do things right now matter what. Their safety is incredible; they’re hitting it on all cylinders.”

GMP Contracting, South Plainfield, New Jersey

  • Owner: Joseph Porchetta
  • Annual revenues: $11 to $13 million

“He’s very honorable and when he obligates himself, he will go out of his way to make sure the job is completed in the right fashion. His priority is doing the job right. Other contractors can learn from him that it’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of the workmanship that will help your business flourish.”

G. W. Tatro, Jeffersonville, Vermont

  • Owner: Gregory Tatro
  • Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

“They’re phenomenal. They put in long days and get the job done. They work through all the weather throughout the winter at a moment’s notice. They are caring, considerate, cost effective and on time.”

Gorick Construction, Binghampton, New York

  • Owner: Alfred Gorica
  • Annual revenues: $8 to $10 million

“They get the job done; you don’t have to worry about it, they man up. They’ve got the right people and the right equipment on the job.”

Hansen Bros. Enterprises, Grass Valley, California

  • Owner: Jeff Hansen
  • Annual revenues: $14 to $15 million

“Everyone knows that if Hansen is on the job there’s going to be quality workmanship. They are easy to work with through the entire project life cycle.”

JBR Incorporated, Fredericksburg, Virginia

  • Owner: Jack Bailey
  • Annual revenues: $5 to $7 million

“They’re just a strong company and they have total clarity, everything’s right out in front. I would put a handshake with them above any legal document out there.”

MacKay Construction Services, Wilmington, Massachusetts

  • Owner: James MacKay
  • Annual revenues: $8 to $10 million

“They have an exemplary record on a lot of tough projects. One time a demolition guy left the site a mess and MacKay came in and excavated another foot of material, and got everything back on schedule after being a day or two behind. The project super said, “any job I’m doing from now on, I’m using these guys.”

R. Brown Construction, Willow Creek, California

  • Owners: Roger, Kevin, Damon Brown and Roger Brown Jr.
  • Annual revenues: $5 to $7 million

“They not only try things that are already out there, but they also try new, innovative things. For Roger Brown, it’s almost a challenge to come up with a solution.”