Carolina Cat Power Systems completes construction of 10-acre solar farm

Cat solar farm1The construction of a 10-acre solar farm, led by Carolina Cat Power Systems, is nearing completion.

Scheduled to open within the next few days, the farm, located in the city of Shelby, will contain 9,828 solar panels. The farm will be capable of producing 3 megawatts of electricity—enough to power about 250 homes.

Duke Energy will purchase power generated by the facility and direct it into the North Carolina power grid.

Carolina Cat Power Systems, a providers of service parts and sales of power generation equipment, says the Shelby facility is one of many farms built as part of a recent solar boom in North Carolina spurred by a state law mandating that one-eighth of all power produced by Duke Energy come from renewable sources by 2020.

Carolina Cat Power says the following organizations were instrumental to the project:

  • Syncarpha Capital (financing; operation and asset management services)
  • Yingli Solar (provider of the panels)
  • WB Moore (construction of electrical systems)
  • Gehrlicher Solar America Corporation (contracting)
  • Carolina Cat Rental Store (construction equipment)
  • Dicey Mills (tree clearing)
  • North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
  • City of Shelby