Seven low-cost ways to market your construction firm

Marcia Doyle Headshot
Updated Aug 6, 2013

shutterstock_106584521You don’t have spend big bucks to start putting your best foot forward. Here are seven tactics you can easily implement:

  1. Put your company and your principals on LinkedIn. Detail your experience, skills and expertise, organization and awards.  Solicit recommendations from clients and vendors. The result: an instant, easily found resume of you and your key people company for potential clients.
  2. Create a professional email signature line company wide, and use it to highlight your latest project. In addition to full contact information, add a line such as “Check out our work at West High School,” and link it to your website’s project photos.
  3. Put your corporate values or key message on the back of your business card. Using the traditionally blank side can be yet another way to differentiate your company.
  4. Make sure all correspondence – whether paper or digital – carries a small marketing message.  Example: “2013 Contractor of the Year finalist.”
  5. Examine how your team answers the phone, and set up a client response policy. Make sure your people have good phone skills and know they are required to respond to a client call or email within a set time period.
  6. Ask your people to get involved in community or professional organizations. It expands your marketing network and gets your name attached to charitable events – and possible media mentions.
  7. Hone your team’s presentation skills. Give them the tools to tell your story well to clients and the community.

Source: Ron Worth, Society for Marketing Professional Services