Newly-appointed DOT chief Foxx outlines goals in blog post

Anthony Foxx is sworn in as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.Anthony Foxx is sworn in as the U.S. Secretary of Transportation.

The newest member of the Cabinet and the 17th person to take on the duties of leading the U.S. Department of Transportation took to the DOT’s Fast Lane blog to outline his three main goals for the department.

Newly-appointed Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx said in his first DOT blog post that he believes the U.S. transportation system “at its best—connects people to a better quality of life.”

“I relied on a city bus to reach my first job, when I was 12 years old, at Charlotte’s Discovery Place Science Museum,” Foxx wrote. “The Number 6 bus connected me to my job, but also to a larger world of opportunity, and we owe every American access to that same potential.”

Foxx also took a bit of time to introduce himself and detail his credentials earned as the mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina. He then set down three key areas he plans to focus on as DOT chief.

Foxx said “ensuring that America’s transportation system is the safest in the world will be my top priority.”

He added that he will also focus on improving the efficiency and performance of U.S. transportation as well as “drawing on all of our innovation and creativity to improve our future transportation system.”

Oddly absent from the list, though Foxx might consider it a given, is possibly the biggest challenge the department faces as it seeks to improve U.S. transportation: finding enough funding.

Foxx was confirmed as transportation secretary in a unanimous vote by the Senate last week.