Trucking groups oppose future tolls

State trucking associations and national trucking groups have sent a letter to the Senate opposing an amendment to the surface transportation bill that would allow interstate tolls.

“Tolling existing Interstates is extremely inefficient,” the letter stated. “Even using the most advanced technology, toll collection costs are at least five times higher than the cost of collecting a state fuel tax, and in many cases, more than 20 cents out of each dollar of a toll collected is used simply to administer the toll.”

Users exit interstates to avoid paying tolls and drive on secondary roads that are less safe, the letter stated. “Many motor carriers will be forced to choose between using these lower-order roads and going out of business.”

All 50 state trucking associations signed the letter, as did the American Trucking Associations, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, NATSO, the National Private Truck Council, Truckload Carriers Association and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.