Illinois DOT launches new procurement website

The Illinois Transportation (IDOT) has launched its Procurement Reform website, which has been designed to give the public an overview of changes in the agency’s procurement process

Effective as of July 1, 2010, Public Act 96-795 and 96-920 became law. This law places new requirements on vendors and bidders seeking contracts with IDOT.

The Procurement Reform legislation affects myriad aspects of IDOT purchasing and contracting operations, from buying pencils to building bridges.

Construction Contracting, Architect and Engineer Consultant Procurements, Non-Construction Procurements, Emergency Procurements, Sole Source Procurements, Grants, and Procurement Communications have been impacted by the legislation.

The website provides IDOT’s business partners with a high-level view of the functional changes under way at IDOT, including new restrictions on vendors, subcontractor requirements, transparency provisions and disclosures regarding lobbyists.

The site also provides insight into the changes that the legislation requires of IDOT and vendors or contractors seeking contracts with IDOT.

The legislation emphasizes accountability and transparency in the procurement of all goods and services, according to IDOT.