Brownsville, TX – Norco Attachments has announced that it will begin marketing the highly respected coupler and attachments operations recently launched by Randy Baird of Ohio, through the Norco Attachments network. Baird, one of the industry’s early leading innovators in the development and application of wheel loader quick attach couplers and attachments, re-entered the market in 2009 by establishing Baird Inc., with his son James. According to Mark Hollister, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Norco Attachments has acquired all the rights to the engineering, product design and intellectual property of Baird Inc., effective March 1, 2011, and will continue to market their products under the Baird brand. Norco Attachments will continue to utilize the Baird facility located in Stow, Ohio for manufacturing the wheel loader product line. Both product lines will be on display at ConExpo in the Hilton Pavilion H-30318. 

“Bringing in the Baird line fulfills a vision that Norco Attachments has been pursuing since we launched our company just over a year ago,” Hollister says. “Together, our Baird and Wedgelock lines offer our dealers and customers a one-stop source for the world’s safest couplers, covering the full range of heavy construction equipment, along with the loader and excavator attachments that customers need to maximize the return on their equipment investment.” Hollister added that Norco Attachments was also pleased to welcome James Baird as the newest member of its marketing and support team.

According to Richard Rise, Vice President of Doggett Machinery in Baton Rouge, LA, the Wedgelock and Baird equipment form a welcome combination for dealerships and customers alike. “We see a very strong new team emerging here in the attachments industry. The Norco Attachments people and Baird both share the traits we look for in a manufacturer. They bring a lot of practical expertise to the field. Most important, they are ready and willing to stand behind their products, and to work with us to help our customers build their business. We say we ‘care harder’ at Doggett. The service and support staff for Wedgelock and Baird products come in with that same customer-first attitude.”

Rise notes that, in a very short time, the Baird coupler became recognized for its unique design, achieving a new standard of safety for wheel loader operators and work crews. “Where safety is concerned, the Baird coupler is the ideal complement to the Wedgelock excavator couplers that Norco Attachments first brought to North America. These are all people who have been in the business a long time. They’re going to build us something special!”

According to Hollister, “There wasn’t a better match in the industry. With the Wedgelock

I-Lock™ coupler, the safest couple in the world, setting the benchmark for excavator attachments now together with Baird Attachments, the premier manufacturer of attachments for wheel loaders, we are setting a new global standard in the industry for safety and productivity.

All Baird and Wedgelock couplers and attachments will be offered through the growing network of Norco Attachments dealers throughout North America. The Baird production facility in Stow, Ohio, will continue to manufacture Baird products.