New Brunswick covered bridge to be restored

Image courtesy of Friends of McGuire Covered Bridge.Image courtesy of Friends of McGuire Covered Bridge.

Some Charlotte County residents who launched a campaign to make sure New Brunswick didn’t lose another covered bridge were thrilled to learn that the McGuire covered bridge in Elmsville, near St. George, will be restored. The St. Couix Courier reports that the bridge had been closed because of structural problems.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser told the news agency that an independent engineering consulting firm made recommendations on how to repair and restore the bridge for an estimated $200,000 to $300,000. Work will involve installation of a steel structure under the bridge to support the floor beams, raising the bridge to prevent damage from ice, installation of proper portal sway frames to keep the bridge squared, and replacement of deteriorated wood and steel.

“We’re putting the resources in to get it done, because it’s an important link, and we understand the importance of the bridge to the community,” Fraser told the news agency.

Work on the bridge is expected to begin within a few weeks as soon as the design work is complete.