Angelo Iafrate Construction completes $3 million Bristol Road roundabout near General Motors Flint plant

Updated Nov 4, 2016

road work cones constructionAngelo Iafrate Construction recently completed for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) a $3 million roundabout on Bristol Road adjacent to the northbound Interstate 75 entrance ramp and the General Motors Flint Assembly plant.

In addition to the roundabout, the project also involved reconstruction of several ramps to and from I-75 and the driveway at the GM plant. The project began July 6 and involved additional involvement from GM, which rerouted delivery locations and employee parking to help manage traffic flow.

MDOT decided on the roundabout after reviewing the location’s history for traffic crashes and heavy congestion. Roundabouts are just one of several alternative intersection and interchange designs DOTs are implementing across the country. The Federal Highway Administration estimates between 3,500 and 4,000 have been built in the country since 1990.

“The roundabout will accommodate heavy commuter and commercial traffic during peak travel times through the day, including shift changes at the GM plant, and commercial routes from Flint Bishop International Airport and the FedEx plant,” the agency says.

“We would like to commend MDOT on their professional and timely completion of the roundabout adjacent to our facility,” says Flint Bishop Airport Director Craig Williams. “As a result of their hard work, frequent communication and partnership, the impact on our passengers during construction was minimal and the benefits they will reap as a result of it will continue for years to come.”