Drone footage chronicles Sewalls Falls Bridge demolition, site prep in New Hampshire

Updated Nov 3, 2016
Photo by Matt WoodfinPhoto by Matt Woodfin

The video footage below, which was taken by Matt Woodfin with a drone, shows construction of the new Sewalls Falls Bridge in Concord, New Hampshire. The 22-year-old Woodfin contracted with the city of Concord to take images and videos of the year-long construction project at least once a month, or more often, the Concord Monitor reports.

“I’ve enjoyed the whole experience. It’s the first construction project I’ve watched all along,” Woodfin said in a recent interview, according to the news agency. “With the monthly cadence, you can see the little things that have changed. You’re seeing the methodical process, understand a lot more. I didn’t know they were running gas lines and water lines underneath the bridge. It makes sense but I’d never thought twice about it.”

The $11 million project replaced the old delapidated bridge that connects Sewalls Fall Road with Mountain Road or Route 132 in north Concord. The old bridge had been reduced to a single lane before it was completely closed due to safety concerns. The city engineer’s office told reporters that the new 400-foot-long bridge should be open to traffic by the middle of November 2016.

Woodfin told the news agency that he’s sure everyone will appreciate the new bridge’s ability to handle two lanes of traffic, but admits to a bit of nostalgia for the old bridge.

“I used to drive over it when I first had my license,” Woodfin told the news agency. “It was cool. It subliminally teaches you the right of way.”

You can see more photos of the bridge construction project taken by Woodfin here.