Work zone flagger killed after being struck by garbage truck on Missouri highway

Updated Nov 20, 2015

road work cones constructionA flagger in Missouri died Nov. 12 after he was struck by a garbage truck that was involved in a four-vehicle crash in Johnson County.

The Daily Star-Journal reported reports John Johnson, 47, was working as a flagman on a road construction project and had stopped southbound traffic on Highway 13 when the garbage truck hit a stopped car and caused the deadly chain reaction.

The garbage truck ran off the road after hitting the back of a Pontiac Grand Am stopped for the road work. The momentum caused the Pontiac to strike a Toyota Avalon, which flipped over and off the highway. At the same time, the garbage truck left the road but returned, eventually hitting Johnson and striking a third vehicle before it left the road again and crashed into a fence.

The drivers of the garbage truck and two of the vehicles were all injured, but the injuries were severe. A newborn baby in one of the vehicles also suffered minor injuries.

The crash is being investigated by local law enforcement.