NAPA Sustainability Conference set for Oct. 13-14 in Portland, Oregon

Updated Jun 30, 2015
Placement of 1-inch warm-mix asphalt bond breaker prior to CRCP for an FHWA, Highways for LIFE project in Texas.Placement of 1-inch warm-mix asphalt bond breaker prior to CRCP for an FHWA, Highways for LIFE project in Texas.

The National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) 2015 Asphalt Sustainability Conference, scheduled for Oct. 13-14 in Portland, Oregon, will provide discussions on both applications and effective measurements for sustainability of asphalt.

Measuring the impacts of sustainability in asphalt pavements is where the true future of sustainable paving lies with contractors. “The upcoming challenges for contractors, going forward,” Dr. Heather Dylla, director of sustainable engineering for NAPA has said, “is quantification.”

“To encourage networking, audience participation and open discussions, the conference will be organized in a discussion format,” NAPA said in its education session overview. “Each session will begin with a group of industry speakers addressing common issues built on three over-arching themes: What is Sustainability and Why?; Sustainability in Practice in the Asphalt Industry; and Measuring the Sustainability of Asphalt. After the presentations, time will be alotted for roundtable discussion where experiences can be shared and questions developed. After these roundtables, there will be an open forum and panel discussion where speakers and fellow attendees will answer each groups’ questions.”

Sessions for sustainability in practice include:

  • Plant Operating Innovations for Sustainability
  • Maximizing the Benefits of Recycled Materials
  • Porous Asphalt as a Sustainable Practice
  • Adding Life to Pavements
  • Using Tires to Make Better Asphalt Roads

Session for measuring sustainability of asphalt include:

  • Tracing Sustainability Back to the Source:  Intro to LCA/EPDs
  • Defining the Boundaries for Environmental Performance
  • Assessing an Industry’s Environmental Impacts
  • Making EPDs Work for You
  • Experience Sustainable Pavements:  The Use Phase

More information about the NAPA 2015 Sustainability Conference is available here.