Third round of Texas Proposition 1 transportation projects approved for $203 million

Updated Jun 2, 2015

Texas_welcome_signThe Texas Transportation Commission approved 28 additional projects under the state’s Proposition 1 funding, reaching a total of $203 million worth of work in the third round of the program.

Projects in the first round this year reach $52 million for seven projects, with the second round encompassing $168 million for 23 projects. Sixty projects have been approved so far this year.

“The Commission has again acted in a prudent manner, and our state’s transportation system will benefit because of it,” said Texas Department of Transportation Executive Director Joe Weber.

“The message from community leaders and local planning organizations, as well as the message sent by voters when they approved Proposition 1 last November, is that transportation concerns must be addressed in a manner that is both efficient and effective. The Commission’s action today enables us to do just that.”

Proposition 1, which was approved by the Texas voters last November, will fund 200 projects throughout the state, which will cover more than 800 miles of highway rehabilitation. This also will include 500 miles of new highway lanes; 114 replaced, widened, or rehabilitated bridges; and 159 miles of passing lanes added to rural highways.

Proposition 1 Third Round Project Funds

County                   Bid Total

Howard                      $28.85 million

Hemphill                    $19.61 million

Donley                        $1.10 million

Gray                            $2.46 million

Panola                         $1.44 million

Cass                            $5.06 million

Upshur                       $0.36 million

Bowie                          $3.82 million

Jasper                         $4.31 million

Eastland                     $3.33 million

McCulloch                  $3.35 million

Wheeler                     $3.14 million

Harris                         $33.43 million

Montgomery              $7.42 million

Fort Bend                   $31.09 million

Webb                          $1.68 million

Polk                             $1.22 million

Bexar                          $22.71 million

Atascosa                     $11.86 million

Gregg                          $5.58 million

Coryell                        $2.98 million

McLennan                  $2.63 million

Wichita                       $1.79 million

DeWitt                        $0.93 million

Austin                         $10.53 million